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Basic Skills Written Paper
Door Supervision
Location : London
Trainer : to be confirmed
DNI Security Ltd,
48 Topsfield Parade, London, N8 8PT
Mob: 079 6172 8888

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ABC Security Limited
Read Through The Job Description Given
Job Title:Door Supervisor
Location:The Paragon Bar & Lounge
Pay:£9.00 p/hour (Bank Holiday Rate Dependent on venue)
Benefits: Insurance Scheme including Accident and Legal Cover, 30 days paid holiday per annum.
Hours: Thursday to Saturday. Starting time 19.00-03.30 inclusive
Duties:Keep records of all incidents inside the venue
Report all offences committed under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971
Carry out random search policy on the door
Carry out regular searches of the toilets every 20 minutes
Keep management informed of any incidents or ejections

Task 1

Please answer the following questions *

Question 1 * : What are the benefits of the job?
Answer :
Question 2 * : Who must you report incidents to?
Answer :
Question 3 * : What is the minimum hours you work each night?
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Question 4 * : What must you do reference drugs?
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DNI Security Ltd- Basic Skills

Task 2

Choose The Correct Word *

A Door Supervisor should always smart clothes (wear, were)
A security officer will need to communicate with manager in case of all incidents (their, there)
You must that all persons found to be carrying weapons are not allowed in the venue (insure, ensure)
You must manage any abuse and by being professional and controlled (violets, violence)

Task 3

Fill in The Blank Spaces With One Word Only *

Your duties as a have changed significantly over the last few years.
Licensing has helped to the image of the security industry.
Everybody in security must hold a valid in order to work.
If you are found to be working illegally you maybe by the police and given a heavy fine and/or sent to if found guilty.
All security operatives must now do a day course and take a to prove they are competent and able.
They must also show that they have not been convicted of any previously.